The Productive Path Forward

As we begin work on the Androscoggin County budget, formulating our strategy for managing the priorities and policies of county government, I find myself similarly reevaluating my personal impact as Commissioner. I am proud of the positive tone and constructive dialogue we have in Androscoggin. I am regularly encouraged by other commissioners’ ability to reassess their preconceived positions when presented with new information and have, in reaction, challenged myself to follow suit.

In an effort to reaffirm my own principles, as well as my passion for community service, I am enrolling in the Libertarian Party of Maine. I believe that each of us as a “living creature, the creating individual,” as Bruce Lee once mused, “is always more important than any established style or system.” As a Libertarian, I feel confident that when I say we believe in you, there are no ifs, ands or buts. And by freeing ourselves from the current political dichotomy I am positive the path forward for the County, the State and the Nation will be less turbulent, allowing our interpersonal relationships within our own community to bear much more fruit.

I have caucused within the Republican party since 2004, supporting principled candidates that shared my vision of reducing the budgetary girth of the federal government in favor of more just and accountable controls at the State and County level. I also pushed for a pivot in philosophy, supporting a platform that respects the sovereignty of the individual in all matters of life, love and morality, as these are serious topics much too personal to be taken out of the hands of families directly impacted.

These closely held ideals are what initially drew me to the party. It was the passion of its members which motivated me to increase my efforts, eventually running for office myself. Yet, as the proclivities of the Republican Party drift further from my core belief of being fiscally conservative and legislatively unobtrusive, I feel it is only fair to myself and those I represent to formally follow my heart out of the party that had left me in spirit amid this past election cycle. Through many long conversations during my campaign I recognize that the majority whom supported me did so in light of my personal qualifications and disposition, with little regard to my political affiliation. Still, this is not an action I take lightly, or without reservation.

By taking the path less traveled I seek not to be followed, but rather inspire others to reassess their politics and focus on their own journey towards a peaceful and prosperous future. For me, I now find myself further rooted in the community which raised me, committed deeper to the people whom supported me and better prepared to answer the questions that lay in front of me.  It is through this new vigor I look forward to the coming year in Androscoggin with confidence and optimism.

All The Best,

Zakk W. Maher, Commissioner

Statement Date: 9/7/2017